We offer a wide variety of introductory classes designed to give each individual a taste of particular craft or technique.  We understand that many people would like to try a new project but fear or cost is stopping them.

That’s where we come in!

We offer encouragement, instruction, and all the needed supplies for any particular project – at a fraction of the cost!


LoveBuilt Home

Tea for Two Who doesn’t love just sitting with a friend sharing a drink and some cookies? Well, not only do you get to design your own cup and saucer, but you also get to make a matching one for your best buddy – all for the same price! As an added bonus we include… Continue reading LoveBuilt Home

ArtFul Journeys

Art Journaling My favorite thing to say is: “A journal is a journey into the soul.” (Aida) These classes take that journey one step further by including artistic expression. They include instruction on various art journaling techniques as well as offer inspiration on how to make your own journals as unique as you are. Artful… Continue reading ArtFul Journeys

Sew Creative

Sew Creative 101 Learn the basics of using a sewing machine – especially your own- (what are all those little gadgets for?), choosing and reading patterns, fabric selection, laying out fabric and more. You will even make your own simple tote bag! Duration: 3 hours Price: 25.00 Includes: Instruction, Fabric, supplies and light refreshments BohoBeauty… Continue reading Sew Creative

Body Adornments

Get it Twisted – Wired Jewelry Spiral Trio Using lightweight aluminum wire in wonderful bright colors we will create spiral earrings with a matching necklace and ring – yes! You choose your colors from our selection – make it today and show it off tonight! Includes: Instruction, Wire, jewelry findings for one necklace and one set of earrings,… Continue reading Body Adornments