Sending Love & Prayers

Being in the heart of areas that have either faced severe (and sometimes) catastrophic damage is devastating, but it can also be disheartening to those preparing for storms to hit or even for those watching from the sidelines. It is during this time that we must not forget our faith or our resilience.  We are… Continue reading Sending Love & Prayers

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Ideas: 20 Fun Outdoor Nighttime Activities to try with your kids

It's really fun finding things to do outside with the kids and grandkids during the day, especially as the weather warms up in the Spring or the weather cools down in the fall. And while daytime activities are plentiful, sometimes it's not as easy to come up with things to do during twilight or evening… Continue reading Ideas: 20 Fun Outdoor Nighttime Activities to try with your kids

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This is our Kind of Cheesecake!

Check out this wonderful article about Cheesecake...complete with a delicious recipe! “Cheesecake is a divine reason to indulge in one’s Jewishness.” Self-proclaimed foodnik Nino takes us on a journey through religion, film, and history en route to his perfect cheesecake recipe. via Blooming Jewish Cheesecake with Tablets of the Law Crust — Discover

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Silk Graveside Flowers

Occasionally, I am asked to make artificial flower arrangements for different occasions. In this case, I made four matching graveside memorial arrangements - two in pink and two in blue.  This a quick is a quick tutorial on how I made them. (*Please note: this is for those with Intermediate to Advanced skills in floral design since there… Continue reading Silk Graveside Flowers